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The commercial real estate market in Minsk and the influence of BNK Estate on it

The commercial real estate market in Minsk and the influence of BNK Estate on it

The economy of Belarus in recent years has taken a course towards reorientation, which included the expansion of markets and their diversification. This has also affected consumer expectations, pushing them to a new level. Thus, the demand for more highly developed facilities for shopping, simple recreation and entertainment has increased.

Strange as it may seem, but for the same reasons we can now observe a high growth and development of the service sector and also entrepreneurial activity in Belarus. At the same time there is a demand on the commercial real estate market for new premises for both business and commercial purposes. Fortunately, the market has been fully prepared and has been looking forward to such a surge in order to meet all the demands as quickly and as high as possible.

The main activities of the company BNK Estate

Founded in 2006, BNK Estate is now a globally renowned company. It is a highly sought-after firm that provides quality service for commercial premises as well as advising customers and tenants on important issues. Numerous business properties were designed under the talented leadership of Abdo Romeo Abdo, who to this day still invests considerable effort in their management.

Abdo’s keen eye immediately spotted a promising sector of the Belarusian economy – commercial real estate, which was just gaining momentum in the 1990s. This gave a good boost to Abdo’s own career. So now he is a leader, and his company BNK Estate has gained popularity in Minsk.

Some of the areas the company specializes in are:

  1. Stabilization of real estate through investments in construction and design.
  2. Monitoring of retail real estate trade.
  3. Supervision and care of commercial properties.

The full range of services provided by the company includes both full building design with subsequent landscaping, as well as security and sanitary maintenance of existing facilities. Here are just a few of the features of the business centers that have been built under the direction of Romeo Abdo:

  • Availability of innovative technologies and systems of engineering technology.
  • The management’s own control over the quality of space and service, which is beneficial in all respects, including economic.
  • a maximally modern interior and exterior of the building, expressed both in its architecture and in its decoration.
  • A carefully selected geographical location.
  • First-class equipment imported according to the latest technology.
  • The value of each client, the spirit of a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The following examples confirm the profitability of BNK Estate management of its projects.

Silver medals go to Silver Tower

One of BNK Estate’s buildings, Silver Tower, was opened in 2009, but to this day it remains in demand on the commercial real estate market. The fact is that service and conditions in the business center have remained at a high level for many years, which means that any office worker feels at home here.

All this was made possible due to the responsive and attentive management of BNK Estate, which makes sure that all the changes in the business center are smooth and timely. Thanks to this, the offices of numerous local and foreign companies can feel calm and confident.

To make working in Silver Tower as comfortable as possible for each office employee, regular repairs are carried out, and the rooms are kept clean and tidy on a daily basis. Cozy coffee shops and canteens are available for lunch breaks, uninterrupted Internet connection is provided, and there is parking for 150 cars in the building itself.

Rubin Plaza Business Center and its contribution to the country’s economy

Rubin Plaza Business Center, which was also built under the direction of BNK Estate, was built with maximum taste and style, but at the same time it has very comfortable conditions for work in the local office premises. The three buildings connected to each other in one business complex have:

  1. Soundproof elevators.
  2. Health-friendly lighting.
  3. State-of-the-art sanitary facilities.
  4. Ample parking for cars.
  5. Each employee can get to their workplace at any time.
  6. Round the clock video surveillance.

The management of BNK Estate takes care of the quality and safety of maintenance of the building, including daily maintenance and necessary repairs, so tenants have nothing to worry about.

Here you can locate the main office of your company, as every employee can easily get here by any means of transport, and there are numerous state institutions nearby.

The eight-story benchmark of success

This eight-story, elegant beauty is in high demand among tenants due to its interior and exterior ergonomic design, as well as its convenient geographical location. Professionals work here, so offices should be as comfortable as possible and not distract unnecessarily from work tasks that require concentration. In the Terrum business center conditions are maintained at the highest level, and the operational security system of the premises is monitored.

There are special conditions for work and relaxation, and the management of Terrum and BNK Estate regularly check the comfort and quality of the premises as well as their cleanliness and hygiene requirements. In order to ensure the most pleasant conditions, for example, offices are cleaned daily, and on a global level – a fiber-optic computer network is installed.

Favorite shopping center of Minskers

For those who like to spend time in an active and interesting way, BNK Estate has built an entire shopping center called Galileo. It has restaurants for all tastes, stores of all kinds of clothing, and places for entertainment. Each visitor is surprised to note that this is now his favorite place!

In the future BNK Estate plans to further equip the shopping center, so that its visit will bring only positive emotions!

Here are the plans of BNK Estate for the near future:

  1. A wonderful fusion-food corner, where you can try any cuisine – Asian, Georgian, Mediterranean and others, or maybe a dish that combines all cuisines at once. There will be different farmer’s stalls and food courts, where they will prepare any delicacy you want. By the way, if visitors have a desire to learn how to cook on their own, Galileo offers cooking courses that are sure to improve anyone’s skills. Don’t miss the opening this March.
  2. an avant-garde nouveau cinema inspired by Chapman Taylor’s interior design. Here you will find both pleasant sound thanks to Dolby Atmos technologies, and a rich palette of colors thanks to ultramodern LED screens, and maximum comfort thanks to expensive Italian furniture. All this puts the cinema on a par with such giants of the cinema industry as halls in Madrid, Dubai, Hamburg and even London.
  3. the opening of a large-scale shop-in-shop area of 2,500 square meters, which will feature the work of successful internationally acclaimed designers.

Not so long ago, in 2015, Galileo was awarded as the best shopping center in Minsk. This is because the service here is at a high level. The complex is also very conveniently located in the center of the city. It can be reached by any public transport, and there is a convenient indoor parking lot for 500 cars.


Great efforts have been made to accelerate the development of the domestic market in Belarus, as evidenced by the statistical indicators of macroeconomic and human development levels. To meet consumer expectations, the commercial real estate market needs to be flexible in a timely manner, as demand grows and takes on increasingly complex forms. Surely you would agree that Abdo Romeo Abdo and his company BNK Estate have succeeded in this endeavor.